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At RHResearch, we turn deep understanding of consumer needs into business strategy

RHR is not your typical research company. What makes us unique is our strategic consultancy pedigree mixed with a deep understanding of consumer research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative. 

Ramona Harvey, founder of RHResearch, is a senior consumer researcher with nearly 15 years experience in shaping business strategy in Tech (Twitter, eBay), Consumer Products - Apparel (Levi's, Gap) and Food sectors (Clif, Nestle).

RHResearch is known for:

(1) Strategic consultancy based on client-side expertise

  • We start by translating business challenges into a comprehensive research plan. 
  • We then work with clients to distill key insights into actionable business recommendations.
  • We deliver clean, actionable decks that tell a story and that needs little customization. With client-side expertise, we understand how frustrating it can be to have to rework typical research decks. 

(2) track record of applied research to in-market results

  • At eBay, Ramona helped Vertical Marketing teams optimize CRM and email campaigns. She was praised for actionable research that lead to real increase in consumer conversion.
  • At Twitter, she helped shape Trust initiatives by creating and executing a comprehensive research plan meant to significantly increase user engagement.
  • At Clif, she informed new product development in the nutritious bars category.

Research Expertise

Clients see Ramona Harvey as a trusted advisor, helping them with:

  • brand research (eBay)
  • product innovation & packaging (Clif bar, Levi's)
  • product marketing (Twitter)
  • communications/concept testing (eBay, Twitter, Pubinno)
  • brand tracking, attitudes and usages studies (eBay, Levi's, Clif)
  • consumer segmentation (eBay, Levi's, Clif)

Our mission is to help companies optimize marketing strategy & product design by uncovering key consumer needs and pain points. 










Empowering strategic business initiatives by uncovering true consumer insights



San Francisco, CA



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Brand Marketing | Lifecycle Consumer Marketing | Product Marketing | Trust Marketing |   CRM | Concept testing | New product development | UX Design




about rh research

Ramona Harvey, Founder

I am a researcher storyteller. I have a passion for digging into the data, seeking insight nuggets, and turning them into a compelling story.

As a seasoned global research and strategy lead, I have experience in Brand Marketing Research, Lifecycle Consumer Marketing, Product Marketing, in wide variety of industries including social media, technology, e-commerce / online retail, fashion, apparel, packaged goods, and financial services. Expert in Trust Marketing Research (including Privacy & Safety), and CRM. 

Recently partnered with Marketing and Innovation teams at Clif bar. Prior to Clif, helped shape Marketing strategy at Twitter, focusing on Trust, Product, and User Lifecycle Marketing Research. 

In previous role at eBay, lead new and active buyer research focusing on driving site engagement via product development and marketing strategy. Research guidance and strategy work lead to launching new CRM email pilots. Established a research roadmap for engaging new buyers, targeting Mobile buyers. Research work shaped Social Media marketing strategy, and new brand logo, to name a few. Experienced qualitative research moderator - individual interviews and focus groups. 

NPS score from eBay stakeholders: 10
Previously, led brand equity, advertising research, and business development research at Levi Strauss, Inc. Informed, guided and shaped the brand's retailer strategy and brand marketing for Levi's global brand. Established the first ever global brand equity tracker.

Strong record of influencing business leadership to implement and activate recommended strategic initiatives based on well-rounded research and good understanding of consumer needs. 

Speaker at The Market Research Event (TMRE) and The Future of Consumer Intelligence (FOCI).

Adjunct professor of Market Research at San Francisco State University.


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